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A commitment to serving our extended Alumni family throughout their career.


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Terms of Use

The terms and conditions for participation in this program are below. You may be required to accept as a condition of participation.

Lumen Guidelines for the Lumen Alumni Network

Terms of Use


The Lumen Alumni Network is the social media web site for former eligible Lumen employees. This site gives former eligible employees opportunities to reconnect with colleagues as well as a place to find new opportunities for employment at Lumen. The Lumen Alumni Network also allows members to post employment opportunities at other companies to assist members in finding new employment. There is no particular format for content on the Lumen Alumni Network; however, whether formal or informal, entries must be appropriate and should further the objectives outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
 Before setting up a profile in the Lumen Alumni Network, former employees must read and acknowledge their agreement to the following Terms of Use. By acknowledging these guidelines, you agree that your use of the Lumen Alumni Network and anything you post to the Lumen Alumni Network will comply with these Terms of Use.
 Failure to comply with these Terms of Use when using Lumen Alumni Network will lead to being suspended or terminated from this social media platform.

Lumen does monitor the Lumen Alumni network and will remove posted content at any time if Lumen determines in its discretion that the content violates the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use set forth the types of information that should not be disclosed, as well as the other Lumen requirements that you must comply with when posting to the Lumen Alumni Network.
 Guidelines for Using the Lumen Alumni Network

The Lumen Alumni Network is a platform for eligible former employees to connect with other former employees and post comments in a chat group, provide links to external job listings, or review Lumen job opportunities and related comments. Remember that your name will be attached to whatever you post and that all participants in the Lumen Alumni Network will be able to see all content that is posted. Content must comply with these Terms of Use. 

When using the Lumen Alumni Network, follow these rules on prohibited conduct:

General: Participants shall not use the Lumen Alumni Network to post or distribute material that:

o   Violates any applicable law or regulation;

o   May adversely affect the Lumen Alumni Network or its users;

o   May expose Lumen to criminal or civil liability; or 

o   Violates, infringes upon or otherwise misappropriates any third-party rights, including intellectual property rights, rights of publicity and privacy rights.

Examples of materials that should not be posted on the Lumen Alumni Network include, but are not limited to:


o   Information that is not already publicly available, including non-public information about financial results concerning Lumen or any other company;

o   Source code;

o   Third-party music, articles or videos;

o   Confidential information about a third party;

o   Shareholder issues;

o   Personal or sensitive information about another former employee or persons still employed by Lumen;

o   Anything disrespectful, discriminatory, harassing or defamatory about other members, Lumen, Lumen employees, or those outside the company.

Inappropriate Content: Participants shall not use the Lumen Alumni Network to post or distribute material that Lumen reasonably determines is inappropriate, obscene, indecent, defamatory, libelous, tortious, threatening, abusive, hateful or excessively violent.

Harmful Content: Participants shall not post links to or otherwise distribute or transmit material that may be harmful to or interfere with the Lumen Alumni Network or any third-party network or website. Such prohibited harmful content includes, but is not limited to, viruses, worms, adware or Trojan horses.

Fraudulent/Misleading Content: Participants shall not post or otherwise distribute or transmit material containing fraudulent offers for goods or services, or any advertising or promotional material that contain false, deceptive, or misleading statements, claims or representations. 

Good to Know

  • All information contained within the Lumen Alumni Network, plus access to the Lumen Alumni Network, is for the designated purposes only.
  • Appropriate photos, content and video can be posted.
  • You will create a personal profile to use the Lumen Alumni Network, which will have various options that you must review.
  • Content posted on the Lumen Alumni Network is monitored and can be edited or deleted by the administrator if it fails to meet the required Terms of Use.
  • The content posted is public and may be viewed internally and is visible to every other member of the Lumen Alumni Network

Who Can Join the Lumen Alumni Network?

  • “Eligible employees” include retirees and any former employee who left Lumen in good standing.
  • Members must have been employed by Lumen for at least a total of ten (10) weeks.

Rights of Lumen:

  • Lumen may suspend or terminate participation on the Lumen Alumni Network if a participant has violated any element of the Terms of Use. Lumen may suspend participation without notice if Lumen becomes aware of a violation of any applicable law or regulation or activity, including but not limited to a violation of the Terms of Use that exposes Lumen to criminal or civil liability or that exposes Lumen's network to harm. Lumen may take such further action as Lumen determines to be appropriate under the circumstances to eliminate or preclude repeat violations.
  • Lumen reserves the right to take down any material – or otherwise block access to such material—created or accessible on the Lumen Alumni Network and suspend or terminate any participant creating, posting or disseminating such material where Lumen becomes aware that the material violates the Terms of Use and/or exposes Lumen to civil or criminal liability, including without limitation, under applicable copyright laws. 
  • Lumen reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and third parties in the investigation of any alleged wrongdoing related to the Terms of Use, including the disclosure of the identity of the participant that Lumen deems responsible for the wrongdoing. Lumen will not be liable for any damages of any nature suffered by any participant or third party resulting in whole or part from Lumen's exercise of its rights under the Terms of use.
  • Lumen reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use in its discretion, at any time. Such modifications shall be effective upon posting, and use of the Lumen Alumni Network after such modification constitutes acceptance of such modifications.